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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can cause severe irritations to skin with their feeding habits.

Adult Bed Bugs can grow to about 5mm in length by about 3mm broad and are reddish brown in colour. They do not fly so can be transported in clothing, bedding, furniture or anything that can provide them with harbourage.

They feed on blood and can lay dormant for very long periods of time without feeds, they are often mistaken to only be found in poor, overcrowded and unhygienic conditions but this is not always the case! They can be transported anywhere! In domestic premises most infestations do occur in the bedrooms near to where their host sleeps such as bed frames, mattresses, skirting boards, light switches and any crack and crevice that can provide them with harbourage.

If you have any questions about the treatment of Bed Bugs or any queries, call our trained professionals, it is advisable not to treat infestations yourselves as this can result in the problem being spread from one area to another.