House Mice can be found in your premises because they seek the warmth and shelter for nesting sites, harbourage and food.

Their size can range from 6-9cm in body and colour will vary between light brown and grey. Their presence is usually detected by dark coloured droppings, damage to food or damage to walls and property. They can nest under floor spaces, roof spaces and in wall cavities and in areas where they have good access to a food source, these nests can be built from shredding paper, cloth, wool or any other fabrics they can access.

You can help reduce the presence of Mice by storing food away in tightly sealed containers as they are erratic and sporadic feeders and will nibble many types of food rather than aim for one particular food source. As with Rats they also need to gnaw constantly to reduce the length of their incisor teeth so keep a look out for holes in walls, cupboards or floors.

Feel free to call our experienced professionals for help with Mice.