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The Common Rat can also be known as a Sewer Rat or Brown Rat in Britain but colour can vary depending on dwelling areas and feeding habits. They are usually around 20-27cm in length but again size can vary depending on their feeding habits.

Rats’ incisor teeth are continually growing which is why you may find evidence of gnawing in and around their active areas, this explains why they cause so much damage as they have to continuously gnaw to reduce the length of their teeth which can prevent them from feeding properly if they grow too long.

Rats are sexually mature at around 3-4 months and can produce 6-11 young so can cause a big problem long term. You can help reduce problems by being vigilant such as storing rubbish responsibly, checking shed floors and panels for holes, checking the outside of your property and around waste pipes for holes. If you feed the birds and suspect Rat activity in your garden, please stop feeding them instantly as this will encourage them to return and can affect your neighbours.

Call our trained professionals for help with Rats.